I am always looking forward to the next big thing, holiday, event, game, and so on…I like to prepare for it. I have always been the one to dress for the occasion. My hair, outfit styles, and colors reflect where I am, what time it is, and what I am doing. Some people may think that’s silly, but that is just another reason I love being a Photographer and capturing EVERYONES’ life’s events. So knowing we are in Grad season, I have been looking at different announcements & invites to help share with my clients that fit them individually. At just the right time I met Basic Invite. AND let me tell you; their online site of stationery is ANYTHING but basic! I was amazed to discover their full stationary line of prints and products, celebrating all walks of life! I didn’t even have to try to figure out how to navigate through their site. Welcoming from the start, user -friendly, and really fun to start designing. You are not only able to create your own card to ‘just’ about your liking, but you are able to change the look, style, design, up to the smallest of detail EXACTLY the way you like it! Let me explain...



Basic Invite is one of the few websites that allow their customers almost unlimited color options, about 180 colors to choose from! If you know me you know my obsession for color. My dedication to making my grad students feel comfortable and knowing they can be at ease with their invitations goes hand in hand with making sure they have enough options that fit who they are. You can also choose flat or raised foil on all of Basic Invite’s foil designs. Colors such as silver, gold and rose gold! Another thing I think the world MUST know are the envelope options… I mean who doesn’t want their mail sealed envelopes to already stand out before they are even opened? I know I do! You are able to choose from over 40 different colors and All of their envelopes are peel and seal so the envelopes can be quickly and securely closed. This alone sold me! Keep scrolling, and I will show you a recent Thank you card that I just ordered with my sweet family on it, PLUS I will include a 15% off discount code that I used!


With so many options on the line, I noticed Basic Invite’s beautiful Damask designs with all different styles and colors to choose from! I will show you some examples, check out Damask Graduation Invitations. They also have a large selection of Thank You Grad cards for those sentimental Grads we love! Here are others’ I found… I am basically in LOVE with the designs layouts on these! And If you like this one as I do, check out more designs of the Fancy Graduation Invitations. I believe whether you are a parent, know someone who is graduating 2019, or you are a Graduate yourself, trust me these ones here are perfect!



I’ve already explained many reasons why I love Basic Invite, but do You want to know what I REALLY love about this website? Do you love samples as I do? Maybe not as much as I, but I know you do in some fashion. Well Guys!!! It’s your lucky day, and it’s not even St. Patty’s Day yet! … You can literally order a sample of whatever you want! Whether it be a postcard, an invitation or a gift print, WHATEVER! You can decide to place the final order after you see it. If you are not sure which paper, color or print design you want, you can order one of each and see it in person before you even purchase it. This is one of the few sites that do anything remotely like this. You cannot Lose!


So to sum it up, the more I learn about Basic Invite, the more I want to share. And the more I share, the more I want to create some cards for myself. Now granted, I’m not graduating this year because I’m a little old for that, and I'm already married so no news there, and we’ve already got through the holidays…missing the Christmas card train, but I can say I found some pretty stylish Thank You cards to share with friends that have been super kind to me recently! I just got my own family portraits back, and I couldn’t help but share these super cute Thank you cards I designed and ordered. If you want to create and order your choice of stationary invites, announcements, or thank you cards (or anything you want) yourself, make sure to use code 15FF51 to receive 15% off your entire order!

Thank you for stopping by and reading, and Congratulations to all the 2019 High school & College Grads! I hope to work with you! To those who are just visiting my site for the first time and live in WA or AZ. { Phoenix & Scottsdale Arizona this spring 2019} I want to capture your graduation photos, and /or your next big event! Book your next session with me here and let’s get this party started!

If you would like to connect with Basic Invite on Social, catch the links below and start creating some fun invitations! You won’t regret it!





First time sharing the beginning to our happily every after.

So lets start here: I was modeling to be a bride for a styled shoot. I remember this day perfectly. I was leaving a hard marriage of 10 years, yet I never said a word about it. And here I was modeling to be a bride. 

I remember the photographer asking me why I loved Arizona so much. I had been flying to Arizona the last couple years, and was known to pick up shoots and be a part of styled shoots. I told her I really didn’t know, But felt called to Arizona and felt God opening doors. I wasn’t sure yet, but I felt this joy come to life every time the plane landed and I began photographing in Arizona.  I dismissed the quick conversation we had, until the next time at phoenix international airport. This is my first time publicly sharing this story.

 I had given up my seat before voluntarily and what happens is the airlines would gift you a bonus voucher towards your next flight. I had just done so a couple months prior for a shoot me and my friend wanted to do in Palm springs. This time when the airline opened the opportunity, I ran right towards it. I literally ran into someone at the gate. I asked if he gave up his seat too and he looked at me and said “no I was an a** and missed my flight by 2 minutes, and was laughing about it. It made me laugh out loud. I ended the conversation and said I hope you find a flight, and then we started chatting about Sedona and I mentioned I was a photographer. We ended the conversation, and I went to find a place to spend the remainder of my time. I did a little shopping around in those little stores there; grabbed snacks, water and souvenirs.

I headed into restaurant OHSO, and started editing some photos there. I start hearing this guy talking and laughing and I look down and that same man I saw at the gate who happened to be sitting down with a group people, taking over the conversations. His voice travelled.  I ended up laughing with them too, and we just connected. He reminded me of my family so much, I have a flock of guy cousins with his look and personality and even laugh so it was naturally easy to get along with him.

He ended up leaving to catch the next flight. I remember my seat next to me being empty, and about 20 minutes or so later he comes back and said he missed his other flight. He had a business meeting for his company in WA and was suppose to be there hours ago. He told me he created an all natural kombucha salad dressing line. I have a huge thing for kombucha so I thought was pretty awesome.

I ended up taking off to go to my gate. I was standing in line with a group, and I look behind me and there he was again in the line next to me waiting for the same flight. It was crazy! But It gets better.... (I’m thinking I can’t get rid of this guy if I tried).  We not only were on the same flight but we ended up sitting RIGHT next to each-other ON.THE.PLANE.  And then this happened...the flight was delayed for another 45 minutes, waiting for airway to clear. Not only that .. (I had serious tears in my eyes at this point because I just know how good God is ...} , we had a flight attendant come up to us and tell us she could feel really good energy from us and offered us free food and drinks without us even asking. We thought okay, what could possibly happen next.  She continued to visit our row and told us to call for another flight credit for us. I think I made $500 that day just hanging out with the airline! lol

On the plane he spoke of God like they were bffs! He told me awesome stuff God's done for him in his life, with his two boys. He was a single dad, I found out. His character didn’t require any explanation, you just already knew he was special. The fact that he didn’t have to tell me how great he was, and wasn't flirtatious or anything, told me everything. He told me to always trust God and no matter where he puts me in my life, to know if it’s His will, trust Him through it, and I will be taken care of. I started to cry, I was becoming the biggest baby. I remember leaving the airport that day and not knowing if I would ever see him again. Then, I remembered at the gate we exchanged business cards the moment we first chatted at gate 10. 

We remained friends and grew in friendship over time. As a new single mom, I had him alongside me as the most loyal friend. My boys met him one day for a lunch date and they fell in love with him. I remember asking them what they thought of him after, and they said he was really cool and they wanted to see him again. They said it not me. 

Fast forward over a year later, I was able to connect with the same vendor team, along with many others, and they all wanted to be a part of our special day, so we planned for the perfect Elopement. I have before and after photos from the same photographer. Before, just a Bride model who was still waiting to see what God had in store,  and now as I look back from our recent Elopement, our photos as a real bride with her groom and beautiful boys.

My boys have the most special brothers, who teach my sweet angels and show them so much love. I have someone who I’ve prayed for my entire life, but only better. I couldn’t have asked for more of a gift, and completion to our family. The boys have never cuddled, or opened up, or have ever been as comfortable with a father figure before chad. Now chad has 4 boys snuggling up to him during movie nights. They spend their time together practicing soccer, wrestling, baseball and football. The time we have together is sacred. For the first time, when we’re all together, we sit down for family devotions and we pray together.  He listens to these boys needs more than I do. Everyday there’s joy & peace in our home. Nothing short from a miracle.

 It’s all coming together. I am private about my personal life at times, but I have to say, our prayers are being answered bit by bit. Not fully yet, but my faith has magnified. I continue to believe God will bring all these things together. He’s been calling us since the very beginning, before we even knew it. Before we even saw a door open up. Before I gave up my seat that day, before he missed his flight by 2 minutes, before my kids would pray at night with their mama, that God would teach them how to treat girls, before we wake up each day and discover something new he has for us. He's been calling us. Their passions and dreams are being pursued. I know that and THAT is what keeps us going each day.

God is so faithful because sometimes in life he shows us things that may not always be the way as it would appear to everyone looking in. He customizes each of our lives accordingly and hears our heart cries and desires. He shows up always. When you look at the women in the Bible; that truly had faith in him, Beautiful things happened. Beautiful things happen daily. A daily reminder that He's present and hears us. I couldn't be more happier and thankful. 

Thank you, Hannah (Ball Photo Co.)  for being such a beautiful light; for piecing this story together and being there from the very beginning to capture me and now my growing family. Thank you to our Wedding planner, videographers, florist, hair stylist, makeup artist, calligrapher, shoe and dress boutique, musician, and everyone else who made this come together so beautifully. We are so grateful and touched by you. AND your work is GORGEOUS!

I am sharing a few of BEFORE as a modeling bride, and the After as a real bride. 

before + after


Florals above (bottom left corner) by: Flowers By Roo Design:


Our Elopement in Sedona, Arizona | April 16th 2018


Mr + Mrs York


vendor team

Fine art film Photographer: Hannah Ball and Jaren | @Ballphotoco


Wedding Planner / Coordinator: Miranda | @mirawed


Floral design: Kourtney | @themonarchflorals


Makeup Artist: Carolina | @cartakahashimua


Hair design/stylist: Molly Gerdes | @dazedanddiffused | Jo Paris Salon


Calligraphy / Stationary: Loralee Lewis | @loraleelewis


Bakery: Amour De Sucre |


Tux rental shop: Celebrity Tux and Tails Phoenix | @celebtuxntails


Gown rental: Jolienne Collection Rentals | @Joliennecollection


event stylist: Fancy Lou | @fancyloudesigns


Videography: Blue eyes productions | @blueeyesproductions


Seriously this could be the next best photo prep available! | Scottsdale Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer teaming up with medical spa

Ashley Anne Photography, LLC and Expert Aesthetix, LLC are now working together to provide you with fresh photos and the freshest YOU you can be!


AAP has been serving Seattle WA and Scottsdale Arizona, specializing in Lifestyle and Wedding Photography since 2015. We are a full service studio, custom-based coordinating outfits, palettes, locations, body language; capturing real emotion. When you look back at your photos you will remember the place by the conversations and emotions felt. My goal as a photographer exactly.  

That's right! Ashley Anne Photography , LLC is teaming up with a medical spa!  Expert Aesthetix and AAP want to make it even more awesome to show off YOU and your story during your bridal session, Wedding day, Family portrait and headshot. Owner and operator of EE, Dr. York, NMD., has over 9 years of experience in the anti-aging medicine world. Including Woman's health, natural hormone replacement therapy, anti-aging nutrition, and medial weight loss. She is State certified laser technician, Advance injector of Botox, and Cosmetic fillers. One I would and DO trust with my own skin and nutritional needs in woman's health.  

I know this sounds by and by but TRULY Love the body you are in! Be the best version of yourself. Glow from the from the inside out. Do what sets your soul on fire. Pursue your healthy lifestyle.

Seriously, this could be the next best photoshoot preparation to introduce! 

 I firmly believe it! Completely unique and incomparable. This is the best way to prep for your special photo day you invest in by investing in you first.  The best way to take advantage of our offer is to set up a consult appointment with Expert Aesthetix, and then simply plan your photoshoot with Ashley Anne Photography. We will be gifting you benefits before you leave the clinic of at least 25% or more off your next photoshoot. That's it! 

If you have questions,  just ask us!

your privacy is important to us. Confidentiality of your health information is not shared from EE to AAP. Only the results! :)







Fall time Succulent styled Wedding | Phoenix, AZ based Wedding Photographer

Had the most beautiful time in Phoenix Arizona at Gather Estate Venue working along- side some of the most talented and exceptional vendors' and artists' in the area, to create this amazing Succulent Wedding. There was this gorgeous Bride and Groom there, and their love for each other made it look so darn easy.  I was in awe of the palette and could not stop thinking about that Wedding dress and swoon worthy - florals that made my mouth drop! I am eager to share some of these highlights right here from this fall day in Arizona!  

I am available for both WA + AZ! I am now based in Arizona and am in WA every few weeks. I am booking 2018 Weddings, as well as Destination Weddings, and am taking Family Lifestyle sessions each month. If you have questions or need additional details please get in touch! . Lets have coffee! Lets chat over some Ice tea, or Starbucks Pumpkin spiced Latte. 


Pictured below: stylized shoot last month. Venue at Gather Estate in Mesa, AZ. Coordinator + vendor team details listed below. 



Vendor Details: 

Coordinator: Acapella Photography

Venue: Gather Estate

Design + Planner: Desert Whim

Florals: Your event Florist

Tux: Celebrity Tux and Tails

Gown: Luv Bridal “Phoenix”

Hair and Makeup: Vidogi Salon

Stationary: K Frank Designs

Tables, chairs, and decor: Material Girls Weddings

Photographer: Ashley Anne Photography


*I am available for both WA + AZ! based in Arizona, in WA every few weeks. I am booking 2018 Weddings, as well as Destination Weddings, and am taking Family Lifestyle portraits. If you have questions, please get in touch!  Lets have coffee! Lets chat over some Ice tea, or a Starbucks Pumpkin spiced Latte! ;)


I had a great time capturing Lexi's and Trey's sweet engagement session last month in Scottsdale , Arizona. We shot at a location called Papago Park. This place was surrounded by desert, and red rock, and ended up being my most favorite place in the area! And from the look of it, it seemed others felt the same. This was a HUGE Tourist attraction. 

We wanted to make this engagement session a pretty one and since they were from Seattle, WA. as well,  We took full advantage of the area and weather, and included this session with a gorgeous gown and breathtaking florals. 

I loved her smile and laugh. They were both the most adorable couple. Complete naturals and so much fun to hang out. The way they looked at each other and interacted together,  told me their love was so real and authentic. 

Very excited for the day they say I Do, For their special day to come! Congrats Lexi + Trey!



Location: Phoenix, AZ // Papago Park

Florals: Charissa Garver // Flowers by Roo

Gown: Katrina Thaxton // Kaylajannikaphotography

Ballerina Styled shoot | Scottsdale Arizona Lifestyle Photographer

It was a pleasure to get to meet Valerie, from Singapore. We had a lovely lifestyle session in Scottsdale Arizona at a gorgeous location. I enjoyed getting to know her, and hearing her story. She had the most graceful spirit about her. I instantly just fell in love. Her passion for life, learning and the art of ballet truly inspired me. I made sure to take full advantage of this time here in Papago park. There were these gorgeous red rocks in the middle of the dessert with huge holes in them where tourists could walk through, and take photos. It was overlooking the beautiful cactus filled valley, and city of Phoenix. A tiny hike up, but did not hesitate to take our lovely model. You would have to see this place in Arizona; I'm telling you,  stunning.

Okay back up a week prior to session, Valerie had emailed me, and mentioned her friend saw a hashtag of mine on Instagram for a model call. She was interested in applying for the position.  Once I viewed her portfolio...The Yeses didn't take any time. I reached out to a group of photographers located in the Phoenix area and invited them to join us. Right away there was a team who was interested. I felt like this would be a great opportunity to meet others, and I really don't know anyone that wouldn't want to capture a ballerina. This was a win - win, and made me so happy! 

The day of session, I met about 6 or 7 other photographers. I mean, WHAT a FUN way to get to know each other, right?  We all worked together perfectly. We each were able to inspire each other with our unique shooting styles. We had such a generous and loving group of people together, it would have been impossible to not laugh and enjoy our time as well. We shot until I needed to get back on the road, but we have all been able to keep in touch since. Through this day, I made some amazing friendships, and created a generous, loving and kind team of creatives. Oh and not to mention, in yet another GORGEOUS location! You could say I fell in love with Arizona just a little bit more this day. Thank you Valerie for being so wonderful! We love ya!



*If you are interested in collaborating, modeling and working together on a vision, I will be flying to the Phoenix, AZ area and Palm Springs, CA area this April, May and June 2017. Other locations TBD.. I am Seattle Based.  Contact me and Let's scheme! 

Model: Valerie Loo // @valeriedabomb

dress: Anthropology

Photographers: Aimee Garza HernandezAndrea WhittleErin WalterJamie CostlowJessica Lynn NielsenJulie Sisley





Your proposal is such a surprising blur,  it often passes by before you know it. Don't let this moment fade away! When they ask how you proposed, you will be able to show them by a beautifully documented proposal. 

This proposal photo shoot will be a keepsake for years to come. Since you will be planning it anyways, lets make it into a shoot! In a other words, a fully custom proposal experience on camera! 

Where should you start? Are you brainstorming ideas but need a little bit more inspo? I have created a list of proposal styles on a mood board to be your guide, to help you collect more thoughts, set your vision more clearly and plan for your perfect proposal. I've also included a proposal Questionnaire tab at the bottom of this page for you. I want your story to be reflective of your relationship, unique and something you will cherish always. 


To submit your proposal story, I have attached a questionnaire for your convenience. I cannot wait to help with this surprise! 

**For referrals, you may be chosen to win a free shoot yourself! Contact me, and let me know who to expect, have them contact me, or Link this blog to them so they may fill out this questionnaire. 


Newborn Lifestyle session | Gig Harbor WA Lifestyle Photographer

I Had an incredible time with the Lovely family in Gig harbor, Washington. {and yes "Lovely" is their last name} Meeting little Hosanna for the first time, made it even sweeter. We captured their in-home lifestyle session while the weather was beautiful and crisp, making it so nice with the wonderful light. Hosanna, just 6 days old, could not have been a more perfect baby. In fact she was absolutely the most gentle and calm baby I think I have captured, making this time even more enjoyable. Our plan was to mainly focus on Hosanna, while including big brother, as well as mom and dad after. So we already had a good start.

During our session, I remember Hosanna being very alert for her age, we got in some of her looking straight at us with her pretty eyes. She also didn't want her hands swaddles and put them up to her face, which I had zero problem with! Love it when I can capture every real moment and detail.  Big brother came up to see her several times, and tried to help. It was really sweet to see him interact with her. 

As we were getting to the end of the shoot, we took the last bit of it outdoors. We wanted to include some family shots in their backyard because they were at home, and it was a really pretty crisp morning, we couldn't resist! Big brother mostly ran around but we were able to grab his attention for as many photos as possible. We didn't mind finishing up with just mama and baby at the end. 


If you are looking at an in-home Lifestyle session with your family, or to include your newest little baby to your Lifestyle family portraits. Make sure to contact me today! I would love to meet you, hear your story and share my Lifestyle session details with you.