As we start off 2017, we all have a task that is heavy on our hearts to work on. Someone close to me recently asked me for some pointers on how to be on time. And not only on time but how I manage the time I have. Now, I will be the first to say this is not always me. But since starting my photography business, I have been held accountable to get up extra early, leave extra early and arrive on location extra early. Weddings, are a whole other story. I have had to really learn to manage my time well in the time frame available. 

Here are the five things that I have learned, that has truly helped me manage time, while also giving me that extra time we all need for ourselves.

One. Wake up earlier:: Listen, if you have kids it is amazing to have a few moments to yourself every morning. I sip on some caffeine, and start my little workout. I love to get in and out of the shower, dress and feel like my self BEFORE my children wake up. If you don't have kids, imagine how nice it would be to give yourself an extra half hour. If doing this everyday is way too much for you, just try this every couple days. See how much your attitude changes! 

Two. Prepare the night before:: I get it. The kids are in bed and you are ready for some Bachelor!! But whether I am going for a jog or am working in the office, It is one less thing to worry about in the morning. And it literally takes me less than 15 minutes to prepare. 

Three. Embrace the day planner:: Yes, having everything on your phone is super handy, but trust me the day planner is still alive and needed! Writing things down helps you to remember and store the information. Make it a part of your morning routine, to sit down and look at the week ahead. Also, when I am on the go, as a business owner, I have my passion planner IN MY BAG, at all times. 

Four. Make the car exciting:: Okay Im a little weird but I always keep snacks, water, extra makeup, vitamins, even cute hats in my car.  You just never know and I love feeling prepared while driving to whatever destination. For the kids, I keep a couple extra kid magazines, and maybe a cozy blanket and rain coats always,.. (we're in Washington.) Overall, the more excited about what we have waiting for us, the more likely we are to get in the car. 

Five. Don't get discouraged, I am right there with you and If I can do it, you can! There will be hectic days I promise you. But If you're late, apologize, give yourself grace, and make it a point to not be late the next time.


I hope that encouraged you a bit, and I would absolutely LOVE to hear ways that have helped you manage your time! If you have anything to add, please share with us below!  :)



 Ruze Cake house, Scottsdale Arizona... where these thoughts came to life.