I woke up today to blue skies, and sunshine but even more...

This morning, I was reminded just how much I LOVE having children. I love being a mom. When I think about what it would be like without these little humans in my life, I feel empty. God knew what He was doing when he placed these boys here. Things are way more exciting, never dull and so unpredictable, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Later this morning, I got to work in Daniel's preschool class and I witnessed, for the first time, him writing his name down without looking at his letters. He was class leader as well, which meant, he stood up in front with teacher Kim, and explained what day of the week it was and counted the days and lead the class lines to and from recess. I was so proud to be able to witness this today.  I would have kicked myself for leaving too quickly. I never regret choosing to hang out with my kids. 


{Below: I couldn't resist capturing these dirty little hands. Growing up with sisters,we wouldn't dare, to having boys, who do this kind of stuff on a daily basis, only has taught me to enjoy it. In a weird way, it is sort of a relief to see them get dirty.

This Afternoon, Ashton came home from school with ripped jeans and mud from head to toe and when I asked how his day was, he said "great, I got to play soccer with friends" and had a grin from ear to ear. As Daniel's class would say, this "filled up my bucket", I didn't care that he was dirty. It make my heart glad to KNOW he had a fulfilled day. He was confident and happy and content. That was enough for me.

Kids are so refreshing to the soul. They are so beautiful. When I get to work at their school, sit down with them during story time, or play during choosing time, I am REVIVED. In those moment I realize that there is nowhere else I'd rather be. There is a sense of peace and freedom. Even on days that are messy, and crazy, or their biggest brother Lego throwing fights {Daniel had a bloody lip yesterday from one} There's still a peace. This is JOY to me. These kids are real, they don't get anymore real. They forgive, and are gracious, honest, loving little people. 

{ Below: My oldest, Ashton in the gray shirt, below. }

{Below: A picture from this last Easter. My youngest Daniel in the yellow shirt, with his cousins. 


 I woke up to blue skies, and sunshine, but fell asleep to more than just a beautiful day. These children are what makes my day beautiful. They were right when they call them a "bundle of Joy".  It's true. Being a Mom, has never brought so much of it.