What a lovely time with a wonderful group of photographers, working together to ensure this stylized session was never forgotten. WE had an amazing time working with vendors from all around, who put their own personal touches into making each detail and work of art, come to life! These two were full of spunk and personality and I personally couldn't stop laughing, and smiling. Her beauty alone made me smile, and his funny jokes made me laugh. You could tell, they were not only in love BUT also great friends. They connected so well together, and the twinkle in her eye while looking up at her husband, was one thing I will always remember. The spark they shared together made this cold weather seem obsolete. Their love and laughter warmed my heart and soul, and like any other time I am privileged to photograph a couple or family, it reminded me of why I am here. 

Thank you again for stopping by and being a part of what I love to do and why I love to share.