Sit back, grab a cup of coffee and meet the Pappas Family.

I don't mean to brag but I just got finished photographing the world's cutest family!... I knew little Jack was super sweet and fun but I did NOT expect such a perfect kid. He was happy the entire time! I really question if this is my job, because I am serious when I say I go home smiling, I edit with that same smile, and I LOVE delivering and showing off the images that make my clients so happy and me STILL smiling.  

I enjoyed snapping away and just watching them have so much fun. Here are a couple shots I grabbed when we started out......and wow! already off to a good start! 

We just laughed and laughed the entire time as we made our way down to the cool pillar area, where Jack just got more silly as well as the Dad. Mama was a sweetheart and soaked in the moments.

After all the crazy laughter and airplane games, we moved on toward the water. The wind picked up but the warm sun beaming down, balanced it all out and kept this gorgeous day perfect as ever. After awhile though, you could tell Jack was getting cold, so we wrapped a blanket around him, which made him look even more adorable. {is that even possible?}

We also, made sure they got a couple "couple" shots in, so I played magician baby holder+ photographer; one arm holding Jack, and the other arm holding my Canon.

As the sun began to set and we started heading back to our vehicles, we wanted to try a couple with just mama and baby and so we got a few right in the golden light. I have never seen such beautiful light and sunsets as I do when I am at Chamber's Bay. 

I really enjoyed this session and like I said,  they were one of the most charismatic and fun loving bunch of people! I am so excited for this growing family! It was a lot of fun for myself to look back on these photos during editing and publishing, but even more so, THIS family is able to hold onto the moments they shared. They have this history and are able to keep it forever. Life is so short; moments come and go, things change, but if there's one thing that doesn't,  it is a photograph that will never change, never leave, able to outlast and can be admired for generations to come.