This last Winter, I had the privilege of photographing these two crazy in love people! They just light up a room together-Amazingly cute! It all started when I sat down with Kristen at Starbucks last year and she explained to me what her wedding vision was. She had already spent countless hours working up the details, and she had the most beautiful pinterest board to show me. Her inspiration board of ideas matched exactly with what I had envisioned for them. The color schemes, theme, style, ... everything just fit. Listening to her story and how they met made me teary eyed. She told me some personal events that happened to her. She lost both her parents to cancer pretty close apart. She told me what it is like not having parents and how much she has leaned on the Lord for courage and strength. She told me what a support Jeffrey and his family have been to her. The strength of this girl and how transparent she was left me speechless. I just fell in love with this bride-to-be. Her heart. Her love for her soon to be husband. I knew I was the girl for the job. 

We started to plan out our engagement shoot and ended up shooting it this last winter at a  tree farm in Tacoma, Washington { Double 4 Tree farm. } During their session on this sunning crisp Saturday morning, there was no doubt they were the best of friends. Their love for each other sparkled and inspired me. I loved watching them, it was easy. Such a magical time we had, as they stood there laughing, hugging, running around and drinking their hot cocoa together. We questioned whether we were hanging out or if this was a photo session. 

I loved that they were both the least of shy and joked around the entire time, but when it came to me clicking away at my camera, they knew exactly what to do. They kept their session in mind but always picked right back up on where they left off; laughing and joking. They made me laugh the entire time. Not only because they were fun to be around, but because they shared such a love and admiration for each other. There was so much respect that I would've been blind to not see how much they appreciated one another. When the time comes, I can honestly say I see them happily married.

Getting to know Kristen and Jeffrey, has been one of the most rewarding experiences in photography, so far. Kristen sharing with me those personal things, I held so dear to my heart.  I can see why they both fell in love. There is no question God brought these two together. I am so honored to be a part of their life in this way. I am so excited for them. I cannot wait to be there for them on their special day; celebrating and capturing every breathing, laughing, crying, and intimate moment. I look forward to sharing their upcoming wedding with you!  

When I think about it, having the pleasure to get to know my clients at such a deep level, as this, is really why I do what I do. When I work, I want to work in order to make a difference in someone's life. Whether that be listening to my clients' share their life story, or capturing special moments to last a lifetime, or share with you.