Mother's day on the beach | The Babcock Family

I was honored to capture this family on Mother's Day, as Grandma was visiting. When I heard their inquiry, I couldn't resist being a part of their special time together. Seriously, this is why I do what I do. Wouldn't have it any other way. 

We wanted it to be a fun beach experience, so we set out to a very nice location on the Key peninsula called Penrose Park; a beautiful state park here in WA. There are so many different things to do here..  But my favorite? ... Probably taking Lifestyle photos, I had to say. 


I loved how everything came together, from them interacting and laughing together, to smiling at the camera... And effortlessly! We had this little guy who was a bit shy at first, open up quickly - especially after grandma came in. 

I wouldn't love what I do so much if I didn't encourage Mom and Dad to get in together for some romantic + intimate shots together.  After all, so far in the years of my business.. I have never had a couple regret it. They usually end up putting them on their wall. It brings so much happiness to see their eyes light up; bringing the spark they have for each other back to life. 

They wanted to add one with them holding hands, focused on their boys. I loved this one. This truly showed me how proud they were of them as well as being their parents. What a sweet Mom and Dad! 

Just look at this adorable mama and son moment. Isn't that sweet? I had to make sure they knew how special it was. My mama is all the way in LA, So I personally know how much they mean. I also added one with daddy and his oldest son, who clearly loved the camera. 

So it is obvious but I absolutely loved being a part of their special occasion. It was an honor to to capture it on Mother's Day. I love that my clients trust me to capture their treasured times. I appreciate the families I get to work with, and am so thankful to create imagery for them to be hold onto for a lifetime.