My boys' Birthday Party Event on National Ice Cream Day! | Gig Harbor, WA.

This year marks another successful party for my little guys! And what I mean by successful is that they told me, "This is the Best Birthday party ever, Mom!" But they do say this every year.

Our theme this year was Art. I couldn't think of anything else, almost running out of themes, but I thought.. why not base this party on them.. as they are my little artists half the time, ....and I'm sure their friends are too. Right moms? It also happened to be Gig harbor's Art Festival weekend, AS WELL AS National Ice Cream Day! Perfect. 

I literally call the same party decor creator every year. Caasi Dickens, who formally owned Caasi's Creations, is phenomenal. You give her your thoughts and she turns them into masterpieces. We are all Mom brain sometimes, so you give her what you are thinking, and she seriously does the math for you. She is now back to personal training { Voted #1 Best of Puget sound actually.}, which is her ultimate passion, but it doesn't stop her from being there for people like me.  E v e r y. s i n g l e.  y e a r. Thank you a million times! 

Our Cake was inspired by a board on Pinterest, So I had my former Vendor, {Michelle's Sweet Designs,} from a Bridal shoot, create this art/painted drippy cake. Very neat. And tasty. The Kids would agree!  

We sang Happy Birthday, and opened up gifts. 


Every year we have a BBQ and we reserve the same park. We like to switch up the style of food to match the theme as much as possible. Just for fun, and because I am sort of weird like that. My Hubby likes to cook too, so whatever we plan, it is usually good! :D 

We had Musician Maddy Dullum Music arrive. If you don't know who Maddy is, look her up! But also know she is a barista who makes amazing coffee at a family owned coffee shop, Kimball Espresso in Gig harbor, as well as a stage actress and songwriter (to go along with her vocals.) She just got done playing Ariel in The Little Mermaid at Paradise Theater here in Gig. 

 So we enjoyed Live music along with our BBQ and great company! and No this is not just a party for kids if you are wondering... We actually LOVE getting together to "adult" with OUR friends too, every summer.


After Live music there was open Mic, where the kids were able to come forward and sing or talk in the mic. Some just stared at Maddy and others wanted photos with her, ....including my sister, Ha! Maddy is so patient with the kids, even while they put their little sticky candy fingers on her keyboard and accidentally trip over her gear and make her amps fall down. She still enjoyed them just as much and they enjoyed her. 


Did I mention it is NATIONAL ICE CREAM DAY!!?? So naturally we had to have an ICE CREAM TRUCK come by and spoil the kids with whatever they wanted.  Owner of KC Freeze Ice Cream Trucks, Annmarie Mitchell, works all over the Gig harbor area for events and is also the Owner/Publisher at Macaroni Kid in Gig harbor, as well as Tacoma.  She is also the owner at Curbside Cafe in Gig harbor and Hot diggity Dogs we see at the local Farmer Markets here.. We were so lucky to have her! She stayed until every child received their ice cream of choice. As you can see, even I had to have one:) 


We finished by painting each child's hand and stamping on their hand prints with their name, for keepsake. For favors they brought home their canvas panels they painted on, as well as any other prize, crafts, and goodies we had put on the tables for them. Some left their art and we hung it up in the boys' room. Each year we switch up the theme to whatever the birthday party theme was. So now we have an art themed bedroom for the boys to enjoy! 

To those that helped us this year, thank you! You impressed me yet again! I Love this community and love all of our friendships. 

So when we say we had a great year, this is why! Thank you to our friends and family and amazing community! We had a Blast!