Stylized Garden Bridal Shoot| Enumclaw, WA.

My first time leading a stylized shoot reaped even more Blessings than I had expected. My vision was to create a scene I had always dreamed of creating for myself;  a fun Garden party in my backyard with friends.  The only difference was this vision was to reflect my area of photography as well as brand and style. Two other photographers plus myself started brainstorming how this was going to play out. We met up and shared ideas. I had an inspiration board, and a list of things to go through, as well as Vendor contacts and homework for each of us to research out.  We set forth to bring this to reality. 

My passion in this was to reach out to other vendors, to include them, to welcome them and to just develop relationships with the community. I wanted talented/stylish vendors but also wanted to find creatives who thought and worked the same as we did. I wanted to find those that were establishing their OWN businesses locally, and were eager to also work together in achieving our personal goals. My favorite thing is working with local entrepreneurs and striving to find ways we can work as a team. Not only do we bring more market value to our business but ALSO support towards one another in this Industry. I know for myself, Weddings, and events come together a whole lot better when I know a little about the ones I am coinciding with. I am still working my way up in this industry and am exciting to continue to grow and develop as we reach OUT and learn FROM, others. 

We found several vendors and chose ones that we knew would fit perfectly! 

Natale Bella Fiore created this dreamy Eucalyptus floral garland that wrapped around the table. She put so much hard work into this. Owner of NBF, Lynn Noel; a commercial fashion designer of over 20 years could not have made this garland anymore colorful, luscious and ideal for our Bridal shoot. 



We had Michelle's Sweet Designs, located in Port Orchard, WA. create a cake so pretty, however it unfortunately started to melt on our long trip over to location We had used some of the florals from Natale Bella Fiore and the Cake recovered and looked lovely, whew!  Michelle's Sweet Design's hard work and commitment was almost unrecognizable. She was amazing and I highly recommend her for your Wedding/Event! 



Along with our seven models, four bridesmaids, a Bride, and B&G model couple; we brought HMU artist, Christine Carbone; Owner of A Prima Salon, in Gig Harbor, WA. Her prompt and ingenious skills quickly transformed these already gorgeous models up to Bridal Par.. and we were just so impressed by each unique up-do and freshly done face. 


The main Bride and Model, Amber French; owner of Vie Athletics in Puyallup, WA, was absolutely stunning!  A naturally lovely girl inside and out. She was able to choose her gown of choice from New Beginnings Bridal Studio in Puyallup, WA.  The dress from NBBS was absolutely breath-taking. Please look at New Beginnings Bridal Studio if you are getting married, or know someone who is in the pierce county area. 


These bridesmaids were so friendly, we had a blast working with them.  Vanessa is in the Peplum dress; a lovely girl who is so fun to hang out with! Hannah in the Bell sleeves is the one you are expected to be spunky, and just shines her smiles and free spirit around all those she's around. Tiffany is the blonde and lives to coach others in gymnastics, she's funny and was great to work with. Becky the brunette in shirt dress is momma of six kids, an aspiring photog and on her way to Ireland as we speak to capture her first Wedding. I love that we have a community of all backgrounds who are willing to share who they are, what they love and what they do. 


We had a B&G couple come at the very last minute as our couple. They were lovely! and we appreciate their willingness so much! Bride Marionette, is also a photographer and owner of  Pines-n-Willows Photography PNW.

Swoon-worthy session, amazing light, and a Job well done on all accounts. Seriously to our fellow photogs; GREAT work and THANK YOU for being a part of this project! 

If you are looking for a florist, a HMU, a beautiful Bridal shop with amazing service, etc.. We have the place for you! Contact these vendors for your next Wedding, event or party.