What sets you apart from the rest of the world?

What skills do I have to offer and why is this important for me to know? This can be a hard question for most— well I know I can be my worst critic. So this is a hard question for myself at times.  I like tea, so similar to the tea aisle, you have various brands, styles, flavors, etc. I usually choose one that fits what I am needing. I know when I purchase, I have an idea of what I am getting in return; usually something that is beneficial to me.

I picked up an article a while back about skills, and that have been broken up into three parts:

• Skills learned through past experience and education
• Skills you bring with you to any job
• Personal traits; the things that make you who you are

Another way to do this is by taking a strengths finder test. I met with a business coach at a photography workshop last year, and she encouraged us to take the Gallup Strength's test. It is about 30 minutes, and will show you your Top 5 strengths. I always find these kinds of things so fascinating! You should definitely give it a try! I would encourage you to read the insights behind each strength for a deeper level of understanding. 

Here is a screen shot of my results! 

I think however you do it, overall knowing about YOU, will be the foundation to knowing your purpose and capabilities. (think of the tea aisle.) This insight is great to have for a bio, or to simply remind myself of what I am capable of when my thoughts do the opposite. To know my worth and objective in life is a great foundation to any strategy, is all I need to know to be on my way. And the same goes for you! YOU are worthy and have something to show for it. God given talents, if you are aware of them, are your story. You are able to do immeasurable things by knowing them. Tell your story! Awareness of your strengths will develop success in your business, friendships, and relationships throughout your entire lifetime. I myself, am still learning, and growing, but one day at a time I find out more about my capabilities, through failures, and through knowing the richness of my strengths that it is a beautiful thing.  

 Remember,  there is nobody in this world like YOU.  Tell your story! And as it unravels, right now! Don't wait to be the perfect image you are thinking now. Tell it now. This is all part of the amazing journey! 


A few self portraits I took last December in Arizona at sunset. I still remember how warm and gorgeous it was! And yes I looked like a crazy twirler lady in public. My point exactly.