If I could choose the ideal weekend, It would involve freshly powdered snowy mountains, soft sunshine, shimmery dresses, sparkly jewels, friends of course, and cake! And that vision, believe it or not, came to life!

 With a little creativity, some talented photographers, and some of the most exquisite vendors in the area, we EXCEEDED our expectations! We captured this session on Chrystal mountain, a resort located in WA. This mountain pass is one of the most popular and toured seasonal attractions for snowboarding, skiing, sledding, a day trip with the family,  and just admiring it's stunning landscapes.  I have to say, in photography {or photography in general}, I never leave after a job, without rewards and a sense of accomplishment. Working with so much talent alone, makes me just so fulfilled! I have said this many times before and I will say it again, I BELIEVE IN COMMUNITY. I believe in this so much! It's all about the people! The connections! I believe in going after your dreams full force, BUT without forgetting about the people around you. I believe we are created FOR this and prosper BY this, when we include this into our business plan. 

Here's a little of what I did this weekend....I captured some stunning models, who were such happy and free spirited people. They made this time a pure joy for me and others around them. I couldn't help but smile. I  always leave in this natural high-on-life that lasts for days. Only in Photography can I feel this way. It's an unexplainable feeling, that you only want to share about after. 

A lovely dress with a hint of pale blue and silver sequin detail and sheer neckline and back, that fitted beautifully, making this such a flattering piece, by Nadia S. Evening. Matched with this dress was a few pieces of delicate Jewelry by Split Pea Jewelry. I recommend each vendor for either your or your client's wedding or event.

Beautiful HMU by the fabulous: Seattle Bride Hair / Dawn Padgett

This floral arrangement was to die for. I am IN LOVE! You would have to meet Floral Designer: JNJ Floral , to fully know just how amazing she is.  She went out of her way to deliver her best. I have never met such a hard worker who was so passionate. She was the sweetest person I've met in a very long time. I highly recommend this vendor! 

To add in, I absolutely fell in love with this Naked Cake. The time and love that was put into it, you just know this could only be done by true love and dedication for this talent. I would 100 percent give Dessert Caterer: Dianne's Delights, a go, for your next event! 

I am hoping you were inspired by this session, almost as much as I was. I would recommend these vendors for you next event. I was impressed by the dedication and sincerity that went into it all. The efforts were priceless and everything that was done, was only done to make it as endearing as it could possibly be.